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Why choose us?

At Mystic Guard Cyber Labs, we specialize in cutting-edge IoT penetration testing services designed to protect your interconnected devices and systems from evolving cyber threats. In today's digital age, where connectivity is key, ensuring the security of your IoT ecosystem is not just an option—it's a necessity.


With a small team of seasoned engineers with backgrounds in networking, embedded systems, and penetration testing, we bring deep industry knowledge and technical prowess to defend devices in the complex security landscape.

Comprehensive Coverage

From smart homes and offices to industrial control systems, we offer tailored testing services across all IoT domains.

Proactive Defense

Our approach goes beyond identifying vulnerabilities. We provide actionable insights and remediation strategies to fortify your defenses.

How can we help you?

Our Services

Identify and evaluate potential vulnerabilities in your IoT devices and networks via black-box or white-box assessments and engagements. We test to OWASP IoT and web application standard guidelines and are able to provide letters of attestation to your customers as well as in depth reports for remediation.

Ensure your IoT ecosystem complies with relevant industry standards and regulations.

Have something else you'd like us to look at? Reach out to us for tailored services to meet the unique needs of your security posture and your IoT infrastructur.

Our Process

  • Consultation: Understanding your security needs and objectives
  • Assessment: Comprehensive testing to identify vulnerabilities
  • Reporting: Detailed reporting with actionable insights and recommendations
  • Remediation Support: Guidance on addressing identified security gaps
  • Follow-Up: Ensuring ongoing security through continuous assessment and support